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Applying for a Green Visa? Get it Right.

What is a green visa in UAE?

As a leading business hub, UAE attracts ex-pats and skilled professionals from across the world. Recently, the UAE government introduced the 5-year UAE Green Visa to attract skilled professionals, freelancers, entrepreneurs, investors, and talents. The Green Visa allows immigrants to work without sponsorship from employers, unlike other residency options and visas.

The immigrant is eligible to sponsor his or her family. This includes children up to 25 years of age. You must note that the eligibility for a dependent son was previously set to 18 years. The flexibility available in Green Visa in UAE is beneficial to foreign individuals and immigrants as they can stay longer in the UAE. More importantly, they can do so without the employer’s sponsorship.

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Benefits of a UAE Green Visa

The UAE Green Visa offers a plethora of benefits to individuals who are eligible to apply. Two important benefits include an extended residency period and the ability to sponsor family members.

Following are some of the key benefits of the Green Visa in Dubai.

How to apply for Green Visa in UAE?

Who can apply for a Green Visa in Dubai?

The following categories of professionals are eligible to apply for a Green Visa in UAE.

What are the requirements for a Five-year visa in Dubai?

Requirements to avail yourself of a Green Visa in Dubai vary for each category listed above.

Freelancers/ Self-employed people

  • A freelance/ self-employment permit issued by MoHRE (Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation)
  • Proof of Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent
  • Proof of annual income. It should not be less than AED 360,000 in the last two years.
  • Proof of finances for your entire period of stay in the UAE.

Skilled employees

  • Valid employment contract
  • Classified in the first, second, or third category occupational levels as per the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation
  • Minimum salary of AED 15,000 per annum
  • Must hold a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent.

Investors or business partners

  • Proof of investment in UAE of 1 million AED.
  • Authorization from competent local authorities in the UAE.
  • If the investor has more than one licence, the total invested capital is considered.

How much does a green visa cost?

The cost of a Green Visa in Dubai differs based on the category you are applying for. A green visa in Dubai costs AED 2,280. Additionally, the ID card fee costs around AED 575 and the medical fee costs around  AED 320. This specified price is only for an individual. The price varies with the number of dependents in the sponsorship.


1. What is the validity of the Green Visa in Dubai?

The new track of the UAE Green Visa provides a 5-year residency period for employees without a sponsor or employer. It is often referred to as the Five-year Visa in Dubai.

2. What is the difference between Green Visa and Work Visa?

Green Visa in Dubai allows you to stay and work in the UAE without sponsorship from an employer. On the other hand, for UAE Work Visa, you need employer sponsorship.

3. Does Green Visa allow me to sponsor my family?

Green Visa in Dubai allows the ex-pat to sponsor the family members, including spouses, children, and first-degree relatives. The Green Visa holder can sponsor his or her son up to 25 years of age. There is no age restriction for unmarried daughters.

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