How to get Dubai Golden Visa and 10-Year Investor Visa for Property Owners


Dubai, the glittering gem of the United Arab Emirates, beckons with its dazzling skyline, cultural diversity, and a business atmosphere that’s second to none. Now, picture this: owning a piece of this paradise and securing a 10-year investor visa in Dubai – a golden ticket to your Dubai dreams. In this read, we’ll take you through the eligibility requirements, the essential documents, and how Neeja Corporate Services can be your passport to this Dubai golden visa.

Eligibility for 10-Year Investor Visa in Dubai:

Before we delve into the thrilling benefits, let’s explore who’s eligible for a 10-year investor visa in Dubai:

Property Owner Extraordinaire: To kickstart your journey, you’ll need to own a property in Dubai. Your slice of the Dubai skyline – how cool is that?

Investment Excellence: The value of your property should meet or exceed 2M, the specified minimum set by Dubai authorities, making it more like a golden step than a requirement.

Financial Zen: Show that you’ve got the financial prowess to support yourself and your dependents throughout your stay in the city of dreams.

Spotless Record: Dubai wants the good folks – so, having a clean criminal record is a must.

Health First: Ensure you’ve got health insurance coverage because your well-being matters.

Residency Commitment: Dubai appreciates commitment – you’ll need to meet their residency requirements and spend quality time in this vibrant emirate.

Required Documents:

Now, let’s talk paperwork. You’ll need to present the following documents:

Title Deed: The golden key, your title deed, proving your ownership of the Dubai property.

Passport and Visa: Your passport, plus your existing visa if you’re already in Dubai.

Investment Proof: Documentation that demonstrates your property’s worth and your financial commitment.

Bank Statements: Time to show the money! Bank statements displaying your financial stability.

Health Insurance: Dubai’s got your health in mind, so show proof of insurance coverage.

Passport Photos: A couple of passport-sized photos, because even Dubai golden visa holders need profile pics!

The Allure of a 10-Year Visa Dubai:

Now, here’s the thrilling part – what’s in it for you? The 10-year investor’s golden visa comes with a treasure trove of benefits:

Long-Term Stability: Stay in Dubai for an entire decade, enjoying the vibrant lifestyle and business opportunities the city offers.

No Need to Renew: Forget about the hassle of visa renewals. With this Dubai golden visa, you’re set for a whole decade.

Business Ventures: Invest, start a business, and enjoy the favorable business environment Dubai is famous for.

Education and Healthcare: Access to world-class education and healthcare facilities for you and your family.

Property Ownership: You own a piece of the Dubai dream, making it not just a visa but an investment in your future.

Global Mobility: Travel internationally with ease, thanks to your Dubai golden visa.

Sponsor Family – You can sponsor your family and domestic help if you acquire 10 years investor visa.

How Neeja Corporate Services Can Help:

Now, you might be thinking, “How on earth do I get all this paperwork done?” That’s where Neeja Corporate Services steps in

Property Selection: We will guide you in finding properties that meet the visa requirements, making your investment decision a breeze.

Paperwork Simplified: The Neeja team helps you with all the documents, ensuring you’re ready for the golden visa journey.

Application Magic: We handle the visa application process and communicate with the authorities – saving you time and stress.

Legal Expertise: Our legal team ensures your application aligns with Dubai’s regulations, leaving no room for hiccups.

Support and Guidance: All along the way, Neeja’s team stands by your side, offering the human touch that makes your Dubai dreams a reality.
Dubai’s 10-year investor’s golden visa isn’t just a visa; it’s an opportunity to make this stunning city your home, your investment, and your future. With the help of Neeja Corporate Services, this journey becomes a thrilling adventure, one where you hold the golden key to your dreams in the city of the future. It’s a decade of Dubai dreams, just waiting to unfold!

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